board of directors
Agung fitrilla
President Director
A professional with advanced knowledge and extensive experience in Technical and Business Processes in Indonesia and globally. Previously held several executive positions as Senior Project Manager and Director of Engineering and Production in National and International Private Companies, He has worked on various construction projects ranging from housing to infrastructure.
Technical Director
More than 10 years involved in construction projects both light, medium and high scale, such as Housing Cluster in Depok, Sub Structure Project - Tower Bea Cukai, Workshop - Steel Structure Project, Retaining Wall Project, Crusher and Mining Infrastructure Project in Bangka.
Eka Prianda
Senior Project Manager
More than 30 years of experience in the world of Construction, including being involved in various Multinational Projects, experienced and have managed a variety of construction, ranging from light to heavy scale projects. I have handled various projects, including the construction of Paper and Pulp Mills, Palm Oil Mills, Power Plants, Crushers, and Mining Infrastructure.
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